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Tiles & Grout

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Tom's Premium Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning also offer a thorough Hunter region tile and grout cleaning service. The cleaning solutions offered are safe, powerful and affordable.

To remove grime from stone or ceramic tile surfaces, Tom's Premium uses a specially developed high-pressure hot water rinse in a fully-enclosed vacuum system. In addition to washing the tiles, our high-pressure rinse systems will effectively extract the build up of grime and dirt.

If there is regular build up of dirt and grime on your grout surfaces, it may well be due to the grout not being sufficiently sealed or sealed with a product that has worn away. You can purchase grout sealers at most hardware stores. However, these sealers are water based, have a shorter lifespan and must be reapplied in order to be effective.

For an estimate on Tom's Premium Hunter region grout and tile cleaning and sealing, be sure to call today.